Lorelei the Vampire (Fallen Heroine)

Don't stare at Lorelei's Big Tits or your blood will be on her fangs! 

 She prefers to seduce her victims to enjoy their blood in privacy. All her love is only intended for her vampire daughter - Bella. 

Lorelei hates mirrors, it's totally useless thing for any vampire woman, so her hobby is smashing of mirrors. So if you will find a broken mirror, beware of vampires there, dude.

Be sure this vampire bitch suck your life-jizz dry out of you just to keep her breasts in shape! 

Strengths: She can suck out a man of any race. So Lorelei the Vampire can be very useful friend and dangerous enemy.

Weaknesses: As all vampires Lorelei is afraid only a garlic, holy symbols, annoying vampire hunters and dentists. 

It's based on Scorpions (Lorelei) 

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