GTA 5 NIB Spiderman Download

Download link is in the end of the post :)

Check the blog post for important info about the mod (hotkeys, tips, etc.):

The mod goes with a sample suit .ini file for this ped model by TheMadBreaker:

Important notes about some features:

1-You need to jump and hold Web swing button to web swing.

2-Web swing can be canceled pressing Jump button again, it will go faster and higher when you do.

3-Web swing needs close buildings, this is optional and can be disabled in the mod Options menu

4-Grab, spin and throw vehicles was disabled during development, this is optional and can be disabled in the mod Options menu

5-Web rodeo vehicle doors can be enabled in mod Options menu

6-You can Web rodeo peds: Grab them using Grab button (may need to hold Ctrl (Aim button) if isn't a enemy [green target]), then hold Attack button down, the target color will change: White results in simple push, Yellow result in ground web rodeo and Red results in air web rodeo.

7-Web swing kick attack depends on distance and height, so, you need to jump aiming to the target, hold Attack button and release to perform the attack, i will improve this later.

8-Web swing to target can be canceled holding Jump button

9-Holding Web swing button while on walls will make the Spider-man climb up running and jump high + ahead when getting close to top of the building (similar to the X press action in the PS4 game)

10-You must hold Ctrl (Aim button) to set vehicles as possible targets for attacks (when attack vehicles is enabled in mod Options)

Download \/

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