Captain Marvel Icons

Sometime back in 2013 the Iconfactory released its last macOS desktop icon collection. For more than a decade prior, we had built our brand on crafting, among other things, amazing and fun Mac icons that people could use to customize their folders and hard drives. We eventually stopped creating desktop icon sets as the world turned its attention to the iPhone and away from the Mac but today we’re pleased to report we’re back with an all-new icon set created exclusively for you!

Inspired by the blockbuster film from Marvel Studios, our new Captain Marvel icon collection contains hard drives, folders and objects that are a great way to re-live some of the most fun moments from the movie. We’ve included objects like the retro “Fonz” lunchbox and Director Fury’s interstellar pager as well as fan-favorites like Goose’s name tag and even a cheeky Blockbuster Video rental membership card.

But that’s not all.

Since Captain Marvel takes place in 1995, we thought it would be add an extra bit of retro fun to include System 7 versions of every icon in the collection. Designed with love using the same 16 color palette that was in wide use on the Mac desktop at the time, these pixel-perfect icons are a nostalgic treat that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Finally, since the reception to our first Captain Marvel wallpaper was so positive, we’ve gone and cooked up a bonus wallpaper that we’re making free for everyone to enjoy - be sure to grab that today, too!

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