River and Gas Turbine improvements.

If you look at the picture you see nothing unusual, but these Water Blocks are actually Riverwater Blocks now. They prevent Swampwater from spreading into them, prevent Biome Changes from ruining your Infinite Water Sources *Looks at Thaumcrafts Eerie Biome* and also should make RTG Biome Generation work better with its Rivers.

I fixed a few problems with the Gas Turbine, like Fuel Consumption when almost empty or it's front Texture which should look better now.

This week I have spent pretty much half of my time in bed sleeping or trying to sleep, just to try to stop thinking about the shit, I already mentioned countless times, that going on right now.

Well, guess I am gonna need to wait until they vote on the 26th/27th until it is finally over in some way or the other, preferably the way that wouldn't destroy my livelihood, even if it still looks like they will screw it up anyways...

Have a Download Page Link for Convenience and thank you all for your Support regardless of my motivational problems right now. I hope everything will be better in April. :/