School Board Recognizes Chain Crew Volunteers


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Superintendent Dashan Turner thanks Craig Steffey with a hand shake, behind, Ralph Inscoe examines his plaque. 

School Board Recognizes Chain Crew Volunteers

Superintendent Rashan Turner took a moment to recognize the volunteers who work running the chains during football games as members of the Chain Crew.

The chain crew move signal poles and chains for measuring distance immediately after a play in football games, to aid the referees in calling plays.

Turner said, “They are committed to doing this each and every Friday night. They've done so for a significant amount of time. Kudos to them for their continued support to the school system.”

Turner said finding volunteers in many localities for this job is not always easy.

“I can remember being a school teacher and having to run around on a Friday night, while working for another school system, trying to find people willing to volunteer. Here we have people in Colonial Beach, young men who have committed themselves to doing this from 15 to 30 years.”

As Turner presented plaques to Ralph Steffey who has worked the chains for about 33 years and Craig Inscoe for about 20 years, he said, “We want to take this opportunity to tell them thank you.”

Left to right Superintendent Rashan Turner, Craig Steffey, Ralph Inscoe, School Board Members Michelle Payne, Patrice Lyburn, Chairman Tim Trivett, Brent Steffey and Tara Seeber.

The School also recognized two more volunteers who were not present; Gary Inscoe who has volunteered for 20 years and Daniel Steffey who has volunteered for 15 years.

Turner said, more than just marking the “downs” during a game, these men display a level of commitment to the kids and allow the coaches to relax during the game in order to focus on coaching.

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