Artie Swimsuit - TipTopTab

A 90′s inspired swimsuit in a bunch of different patterns for your babes to wear when they wanna stand out a little bit in the heat. Uses the high cut from @ridgeport ‘s hero body suit which, correct me if im wrong, is actually from llenies’ stunning  80s bodysuit (but i used marg’s version for this). I also used a bit of the texture on her europa dress for the top. Thank you marg for always creating amazing stuff that lets less talented peeps like me still stand a chance at creating cc

  • 22 different patterns
  • teen-elder;
  • includes all lods, shadowmap and a costum thumbnail
  • base game compatible
  • let me know if you have any issues!
  • tou: don’t steal. feel free to use my meshes or textyres but just give me credit and a dm would be nice. don’t reupload or put links to my cc behind paywalls 

Alt link: mediafire