Just for Today re-launch

So thank you for being patient with us for this month. It's given us time and space to think and regroup.

We plan to re-launch Just for Today daily messages from 1st April and that they will be free to view and to share with your friends and family.

From the 1st May, we'd like to introduce some value added tiers and invite patronage. Here's some ideas for what we have planned and we'd love to know which get your interest.

If none of these options grab your fancy, please share by way of comments your idea for what we could deliver of value to you.

p.s. the last option should be 'from Tom, not Ray' - can't seem to edit it!

Downloads of Siri's watercolours

A monthly meditation from Tom based on the previous month's JFTs

A drawing or illustration masterclass from Siri

A creative or spiritual masterclass from Ray

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