Well, we made our PATRON GOAL #3 this week --
Thanks, new patrons, and welcome!  
Of course, it's also the very same week the Vol. 2 Kickstarter's wrapping up...  
So thanks to everyone for patience as I juggle a few deadlines! 

Here's a HOW TO DRAW video from the Freeman Colby series.  
This one shows my basic approach to drawing stick figure Civil War soldiers.  
(It's at once simpler and trickier than you might think.)

I have a bunch more short topics I want to cover like this, so I'd love to get your reactions to this one.  I want these videos to be useful to school groups that are drawing their own historical comics, and to readers & artists of all ages who like to see how one cartoonist thinks & works.  


This video features a couple short clips of music from my band The Hardtacks playing "When Johnny Comes Marching Home"... Plus a whole bunch of images from: 

Some of the specific archival images shown in this video include: 

NHHS: "Unidentified Civil War Soldier" 

NHHS: "Unidentified Civil War Soldier" images: 

  "Unidentified soldier in Union uniform"  

  "Unidentified soldier in Union uniform with rifle" 

   "Private Albert H. Davis of Co. E, 9th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment in uniform, shoulder scales, and Hardee hat with Model 1841 Mississippi rifle, sword bayonet, knapsack with bedroll, canteen, and haversack"      

"Unidentified soldier in Union greatcoat with bayoneted musket" 

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