Preparation for June Library Exhibition

These are the works I am preparing for the two walls I need to fill in the library for the month of June 2019. Above is Biophotonic Phosopene on metallic photo paper and backlit with led lights. I put the work in a modified shadow box frame. 24 x 24

It will be a show about Art and Technology featuring Artificial Intelligence Art, Crypto / Blockchain Art and Augmented Reality art. 

Memories Of Landscapes from a Digital Future on canvas 24 x 24

Bright Land and Big Net of Dreams on metallic photo paper 16 x 16

Burning Off The Dross 16 x 20 on canvas with an AR layer on Artivive 

Representation of the Entity v.2 on metallic photo paper 12 x 12

Modern Battledore AR layer on Artivive 

The HODL Frame of North Bay Canada 16 x 20 AR layer on Artivive 

Faces In The Cloud -  oil on canvas 24 x 24 

I painted an image generated my the machine learning / artificial intelligence model

This art is representative of some new technologies in the creation of art. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Art, Crypto Art and Augmented Reality (AR) Art. The AI Art is art made using machine learning techniques, Crypto Art is art tracked and or sold with crypto currency like Bitcoin or Ethereum, AR Art is art that has a version that only exists by using a computer device like a smart phone to view the artwork.

AI Art 

Art made with machine learning algorithms. Machine learning using computerized simulated neural networks are trained on many thousands of images. It is the same technique used to train a computer to recognize objects in a picture. But instead of having the computer detect an object you have it draw and object randomly.

The technique I used is a GAN. Generative Adversarial Network. One part of the code draws a random field of pixels and a second part of the code accepts the image or throws it out by comparing it to the images it is being trained on. By trial and error eventually the code that does the drawing successfully produces images that are acceptable. But it learns over time and trains the neural network. The human artist controls the process by the selection of images used to train it. The artist can modify the code and decide when to stop the process. When the generator starts produces thousands of images the artist becomes like a curator and will pick the best images and sometimes modify them to enhance the artistry. 

Go and view Modern Hornbook to see the original images the artist trained the machine learning model with.   

Crypto Art

Crypto Art is art that has been given a token or a computerized unique certificate in a ledger system called a blockchain. The digital work of this artist is made unique by giving it a unique key on the Ethereum blockchain. This is done at an online marketplace called The unique key or token is then sold to a art collector using Ethereum crypto currency. If you use the QR Code on each artwork you can go to this online gallery and see the digital version of the work there.

The physical art in this show is art that has a digital version that is bought and sold on the internet. Sometimes physical art is tagged with a token and it is called crypto art. Often these works have a crypto currency theme.

AR Art 

Augmented Reality Art in this exhibition is viewed by using a smartphone app called Artivive. If you install it on your phone or tablet you can point your camera at the art on the wall and it will come alive with an animated version of the artwork. AR art is art that has another layer that is digital.

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