Stargazer Daily 3/24

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DAILY SABIAN SYMBOL: Two lovers strolling on a secluded walk.

GENERAL FORECAST: Relational dynamics could be challenging today as an emotionally charged Scorpio Moon makes confrontational aspects with Venus and Mars. This has the potential to add friction to an already contentious atmosphere, assuming there has been disagreement or misunderstanding over the last week. Bringing the gap between love and intimacy is possible by looking within, it's possible that past disappointments are negatively influencing perspectives in a current situation. 

Productivity is enhanced on the other hand, making it a better time to square away financial or business matters, despite it being the weekend for most. The Moon collaborates with the Nodes harmoniously, generating accord between the past and future more fruitfully. Intuition is strong and could provide insight into an otherwise perplexing issue. 


Open your eyes and take a look at reality. If emotions have come out of balance, it likely represents unresolved feelings of disappointment. 

The Moon is Void of Course from Scorpio at 9:24p EDT


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