I don't think there's a whole lot I can say about Us without getting into spoiler territory. I can say that it was really good--I think it was a better, but different, film from Get Out. I can say that I, the massive horror weenie, managed to watch it all right in the movie theater and didn't even spill my beer. I can also say that I, the massive horror weenie, then did not get a decent wink of sleep for the rest of the night because I did not find the creeping dread that is the marrow of that film possible to shed. I was up at five in the morning, huddled under my blankets and absolutely certain there was someone standing outside of my house.

So take that under advisement.

Jordan Peele has made a gorgeous, darkly funny at times, multi-layered, fucking terrifying movie with a twist reminiscent of the M. Night Shymalan at his best. Lupita Nyong'o owns that film from start to finish, though everyone else in her movie family (Winston Duke, Shahadi Wright Johnson, and Evan Alex) are right up there with her. I don't think it's a spoiler, if you've watched the trailer, to say that each of them had to play two whole characters, pitted against themselves. The music switches from skin-crawling like you expect in a horror film to absurdly, horribly funny. 

It's very worth seeing if you think you can handle the horror. And it's definitely more of the creeping dread, sticks-with-you-in-your-nightmares, makes-you-shut-all-your-curtains kind of dread. There's really a minimal amount of gore considering the number of people who get murdered, and there weren't really many jump scares either. It's more the sort of thing where you, as someone who has seen a horror movie or two, knows that there's going to be someone standing behind a character when they turn around, and the movie knows that you know, so it's not going to play on your startle reflex with a smash cut and jangle of sound, but the much worse fear of forcing you to watch someone have a horrible thing creep up behind them.

And there's just so much to talk about in it. Again, impossible without spoilers. So I think that I will do is make a separate post for Us spoilers (which will be public) where I'll rant a bunch in the comments and then people can chat about things if they feel like it. I will say, I want to see this movie again because I think it's one that benefits from a second view after you know the twist... I bet I'll pick up a lot more. But that hasn't happened yet.

Box office estimates have Us at a $70.25 million opening weekend, which is the third-largest opening for an R-rated horror film ever, according to Box Office Mojo. It's well-deserved.

And also? This movie has made me even more glad that Jordan Peele is going to be helming the new Twilight Zone. It is definitely directly in his wheelhouse if this is how his mind works. 

I'm so glad I watched it even if my restless night of sleep wasn't.

Here is a place to scream about spoilers. Enter at your own risk.

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