v0.14.0 Public + Third Person View and Audio

v0.15.0 Backer (New characters, quests, NSFW scenes and weapons) 

$1 Game cheats (speed boost + nude mode) 


Hey guys,

You can download the public version of v0.14.0 from below, it includes the third person view (during animation scenes) from the backer build (we are doing this very rarely).

Windows x64 

Windows x32 



Changelog After Beta

  • Fixed a bug with Hilde’s eyes, they weren’t closed while she was sleeping.
  • Fixed a bug with Hilde’s body rotation during the Dalla’s NSFW scene.
  • Dialogue typos fixed.

v0.14.0 Beta Changelog

NSFW & Animations

  • Added a new NSFW scene with Nicole.
  • Added soft body physics and face expressions to Nicole.
  • Extended our system to support dick animations and added an animation to the dick during the Nicole’s first scene.
  • Adjusting the speed of the animation bug fixes + every scene can have a min and max speed.


  • Added sounds to all of the NSFW scenes - a total of 15 sound loops, 20-30 seconds each + different speed variations.

World & Environment

  • Created a new terrain and fully reworked Folkvang, adding some vegetation and snow particles.
  • Added different types of insects on the island.
  • Added more vegetation on the island.


  • The sword damage was increased by 50%.
  • Added health bars to the wolves, so you can see their health while fighting.
  • The animals will no longer regenerate their health immediately after combat. If you run away from a wolf, it will start to regenerate % of its health every X seconds, meaning you can return and finish the fight, while the wolf is still weak.
  • The addition above allows you to hit the deer once to the body, then chase it and hit it again in the body to kill it before it restores to full health. You still have to be quick though, you will have around 12 seconds after the deer feels safe to find it and finish with one hit to the body before it's health starts to go up.

Engine Updates

  • Updated from Unity 2017.3.1 to Unity 2018.2.18 to get access to new features and better performance. The upgrade fixed a couple of issues we had to deal with while working on the game.

UI & Settings

  • Added a mouse sensitivity slider in the settings.

Optimization & Bug fixes

  • The trees are better optimized and the transition between LODs (level of detail) is smooth and almost unnoticeable, they won’t snap to the low poly model like the used to.
  • The houses have a very low poly billboard replacing the original model when you are far away.
  • Fixed a bug where the grass was not visible by default, if you don't have any settings saved.
  • Fixed the dev save file (Main menu -> Load Game -> Yes).
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