How Do You Know When To Quit (Writing Advice)

Now don't panic. I'm not thinking about stopping the writing of the things I talk about here. (Equestrian women's lit, the new idea, etc.) No, what I'm talking about is hearing people on social media mention deciding not to write anymore. Or when you wonder when it's worthwhile to stop writing in a genre that you've been writing in. It's a dilemma that's been on my mind for a while.

You see, looking at my March sales 75% of my income is coming from my awesome equestrian women's lit. I love writing it. I love the stories and the world. The rest? Well that's my romance, but lately I'm just not feeling it. Too much drama in the romance world, seeing things get a huge promo and word of mouth when they're...well just not well written. I wonder if I'm spreading myself too thin and if I should focus on just one or two things.

So, I am sharing my thought process with you. Quitting is such an ugly word. It's not one that we use a lot or want to use at all. So rather than say "quit" I'm thinking refocus, re-prioritize, because really that's what it is.

How do you know when to do that?

1. What do the financials look like? You don't want to kill the golden goose so is the money still there and if so, is it worth it for you to continue?

2. Where is your heart at? Do you really want to continue with this? Do you just need a break?

Answering those two questions will probably point you in the right direction. The truth is you will probably know and there's nothing wrong with shifting gears and changing directions. The question really is: do you want to?

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