Mobile notifications for 3D printers

Hi all

It took me 3 weeks to complete it - but the mobile notifications are finally done! The tutorial is a bit of a nightmare, but the positive news is that you shouldn't need it unless you want to learn how it works or how to change something.

Install the flow, read the articles linked in the main article and you wont have any issues getting it started.

EDIT:  Another hotfix



  • support for 6 filament types (PLA, ABS, TPU, PETT, PETG, HIPS)
  • support for different spool sizes (just enter weight)
  • filament cost calculation (per print)
  • energy cost calculation (per print)
  • total cost of the print
  • supports 2 energy tariffs
  • Live view and snapshots in Android notifications
  • Print ETA time
  • Print Calculated time
  • Progress in % and progress bar
  • Support for multiple printers and phones
  • Print data export (name, printer, cost breakdown, time)
  • Commands (pause, resume, cancel)
  • Auto ON/OFF
  • 180 degree time-lapse *
  • Custom lights*
  • Custom Enclosure *

*these are features I'm still working on

Thank you for your support!



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