Episode 43: Preserving Fertility When You Have Cancer — Joyce Reinecke

Joyce is the Executive Director of the Alliance For Fertility Preservation, a non-profit organization focused on raising awareness and expanding access for cancer patients to fertility preservation information, resources and services.

Tune in as Joyce discusses: 

  • Her out-of-the-blue cancer diagnosis in her 20s after going to law school and starting her legal career at a firm in Seattle.
  • How feeling light headed on a trip to DC, and an unexpected emergency room visit, led to a cancer diagnosis 24 hours later.
  • When the talk of future fertility finally came up how she and her husband formulated a plan.
  • Their choice of embryo freezing and making the time for it between surgery and chemo.
  • The decision to turn to surrogacy.
  • The process of selecting a surrogate in California and the news of their twins!
  • How she handled juggling her own medical appointments, her surrogate’s medical appointment and, oh yeah, practicing law.
  • The turn of events that led to her career change from working for a firm to helping others preserve their fertility after a cancer diagnosis.
  • The misperceptions about fertility coverage and how insurance companies’ failure to cover infertility treatments can actually increase rates for everyone.

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