Artist Situation

Jeez, we’re just full of situations lately.

So I’ve been keeping it pretty low key, for various reasons, but just to let you all know, once the last few Larelle and Shally pics are done, SacB0y will no longer be contributing art to Harem Collector. He  had encountered time management problems, which those of you who have  been paying close attention probably picked up on, and has chosen to  focus on his work for Outbreak Games and the occasional contractor

However, I’ve already been in talks with several artists. Next month  we should be able to recover from the jumble and carry on with the  Therese artwork without falling much further behind. For now, I am  continuing to work with Hilent, the artist who did the Miri pics and  face set that some of your have already seen in the backer mini-release.

I’m sorry for not being more transparent about this, but I didn’t  want to say anything while SacB0y was still finishing up the last of his  piecework. But with the public release just around the corner, it  didn’t feel right to continue leaving Hilent off the credits list, and I  didn’t want to go changing the credits list without some explanation as  to why for our awesome supporters. It is by no means a dire situation.

As for the backer release! We’re looking good for it coming out by  midnight, or just a shade after. Unfortunately, I was very depressed  yesterday, and lost a lot of time as a result, and we’re paying for it  now. I do feel as though this is a pretty strong update, though, so  please look forward to it!

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