Chapter 8 - "Dreams of the Dying" now available! (+ Deutsch Kapitel 4, Russian Chapter 2!)

Dear Patrons and lurkers,

Sporting over 10 000 words, this is without a doubt, the most ambitious chapter so far. It also goes full supernatural and weird horror, so I'm curious to hear how you like it. 

That chilling comic page above is by "The-upper-shelf" ! Thanks a lot for this! The action scenes in the Rhalata were a nightmare to script, and I'm glad they worked out. :)

To Spanish readers, Chapter 5 is now available and the other chapters have been adjusted to fit normal Spanish dialogue styling. Thanks,  Rocío!

To the Russian readers, Chapter 2 is now available! Huge thanks to Xenia and Ireena!

Und zu guter letzt hat nun auch die deutsche Version wieder aufgeholt. Viel Spass! :)

Happy reading!

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