Unreal Tournament 99 "Retro" Pew Pew Night (8:30 EDT / 24:30 UTC)

Grab your Redeemer and prepare to telefrag; because we're going rage-quit like it's 1999! Yeah, UT99 is twenty years old. 

We're going to poke this classic nonsense on a server setup by MrAlert. Want to join? Hop in #live_show_chatzen on Discord for launch instructions tonight around 8:00 EDT / 24:00 UTC.

You will need:
1. A copy of UT99 / GOTY
2. 56K+ internet connection

Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition is available on Steam & GOG. It can be installed with Lutris or Steam Play using Proton. 

If you're going the Proton route yoink the updated OpenGL render and configure that business or things we be, dark. 

See you there,


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