Ora Book Illustration WIP

Since my last post about VR reference I've been eager to share with you a more finished illustration using that as a tool.

So begins my first book illustration, a double spread of the city of Ora.

To start here is the reference that I created in VR using Gravity Sketch to quickly lay in some rough rock shapes and build up the large rock that Ora is made up of. I used the map that I had already created of the city (above) as a rough template for scale and worked on top of it.

I do want to be clear that prior to this stage of working I had already sketched out a very loose idea for the angle and subject matter of this illustration in thumbnail form.

Currently I have chapters 1-4 thumbnailed out and will be illustrating these first in a chunk.

Next began the tedious task of adding line using my handy reference. Here it isn't quite finished, still lacking a few details and rocks in what will be the central fold area. I had sto scoot Ora over so that it does not end up in this fold as well. Knowing the page sizes and finished product dimensions as I work has definitely made my job easier and I know I won't be tweaking things too much down the road. The page here is about 13in wide and 10in or so tall so I've a generous amount of space to work in. It's important that I remain consistent throughout the book with line weights however.

And last, but not least, a rough color comp so I can really feel where things are headed. I borrowed a lot of colors from my map since I'd already decided the general color scheme of the city but I plan to light is with more of a soft golden light.

I can't wait for you to see the finished results of this first book illustration!

- Naomi

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