Yii development notes #27

Hello everyone! Here is another issue of Yii development notes for your reading pleasure. Last time I wrote about the start of the year was not easy for me but good for Yii. It is time to explain what I've meant.

Not easy was about my decision to leave my fulltime job as Team Lead at Skyeng where I have worked for 1.5 years on one of the most ambitious projects — rebuilding internal CRM/ERP. I have learned a lot during that time. Mostly about managing people and building internal company processes but some cool technical stuff as well.

Good for Yii means that I have more time now to dedicate to Yii and my other projects.


While this Patreon campaign was a successful experiment and allowed me to work more on Yii for quite some time (thank you!), it was not proper way to get funding for the project overall. Of course, I have asked core team members and many contributors if they are OK with the campaign but it still was my personal one.

Now that I have got enough time, I got back to thinking about Yii and finding a proper way to make sure there is enough time spent on moving it further. So here we are, now there is an official, fair and transparent way to support Yii by funding it.


You can read more about it at Yii website.

Patreon campaign

First, I've planned to remove Patreon campaign but since there are some interesting things I create that are either complementary to Yii development or not related to Yii at all, such as "Yii development notes", blog posts etc. the final decision is keeping it. If you want to support Yii overall, it is a good idea to move your contribution to OpenCollective. If you like what I do besides Yii and contribute to Patreon, you are welcome to leave part of your contribution here.

Yii 2.0

Patch release and minor release 2.0.17 were tagged. This time we've made it releasing faster than usual.

Yii 2.0 extension releases

Yii 3.0

3.0 is going to be exciting. Following best practices and teaching them, relying on PSRs, having request lifecycle revised, supporting middlewares and much more. Current roadmap could be found at github.

In order to make 3.0 future-proof there is a need to fix some fundamental issues with 2.0 so it takes time to think about these, implement them and make sure overall experience isn't getting worse than with 2.0.

There are ongoing discussions about 3.0 details and 2.0 changes at the forum.


More things

My work at PHP-FIG on PSR-12 progressed and the PSR was moved on to review stage. There are example implementations to be done but overall the recommendation is solid.

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