Universe 21 - Post 10(Update 1.0.9)


In today's patreon post i'll be talking about what i've been working on for update 1.0.9. 

Game Updates  Pre-Alpha v.1.0.9(Live now)

  • Reworks 
    • Reworked the Zone System. 
    • Reworked the Login System. 
    • Reworked the Account Load System. 
    • Reworked the Tutorial, you start as a Earthling on a Transport Ship headed towards Meanus. 
    • Reworked the Leveling, Planets are now Tier Based. 
      • Meanus has Npcs between Tier 1-3, Elites Tier 4 and Prime Bosses Tier 5. 
      • Braamia has Npcs between Tier 4-6, Elites Tier 7 and Prime Bosses Tier 8. 
      • Voslyria has Npcs between Tier 7-9, Elites Tier 10 and Prime Bosses Tier 11. 

  • Added 
    • Added an invisible screen refresher, that refreshes based on your monitor refresh rate, to keep the screen smooth hopefully. 
    • Added a new Tutorial Mission that teaches you to equip a Technique. 
    • Added Race Gene's 
      • Drops as an Item from NPCs, consuming it unlocks a new Character with that Race Gene on your account, Change to it in your Organization Base. 
    • Added Seamless Character Loading System. 
      • In your Organization Base there will be a Teleporter(Not Ship One), that lets you Change Characters. 

  • Tweaks 
    • Tweaks to the Guild Windows. 
    • Tweaks to the Planet Coords Text in the Map Window. 
    • Reintroduced the Conquest Table on Meanus, can see who owns what Bases/Zones. 
    • Lots of Tweaks 

  • Bug Fixes 
    • Lots of bug fixes to the Chat system to remove some of the null key presses. 

Feedback is very welcome do so via the discord universe 21 channels. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ykk0lc4ewe55drn/AADyY9j_HkFaF-ZOmBElxoXza?dl=0  - Download Link for Universe 21 Launcher.

https://www.s10games.com/ - Work in progress website.

https://discord.gg/wvG4Aj2 - Discord.

https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=11072646 - Support.  


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