Bluescriptions & The 100 Days of #BlueMind Challenge

UPDATE: FAQs about The 7th Annual 100 Days of #BlueMind Challenge.

UPDATE: Join our Weekly Blue Mind Zoom Conversations to discuss plans for The 7th Annual 100 Days of #BlueMind Challenge.

UPDATE: Please read, endorse and share the Blue Mind Rx: Water Is Medicine statement.

UPDATE: Inviting all of our artist, writer, photographer & musician friends to join The 7th Annual 100 Days of Blue Mind Challenge beginning May 25th. Share a water photo, painting, song or poem daily using the #bluemind hashtag. People need more Blue Mind now.

UPDATE: During the COVID-19 global pandemic the urgent need for #bluemind science and practice has increased. Half of the country (US) reports coronavirus is harming their emotional health. Based on a decade of research we recommend that you write your own Bluescription for appropriate wild, domestic or virtual water-related therapies. There are no known side effects and Blue Mind cannot be overprescribed.

“Take two waves, a beach walk, and some flowing river, and call me in the morning.”

This summer during The 7th Annual 100 Days of #BlueMind Challenge we'll share one million Bluescriptions around the world because water is medicine for those who need it most...and everyone else. 

For 2020 we've added a few bonus days to the challenge, because we all need it.

A Bluescription doesn't require a doctor's (or anyone else's) permission to recommend and prioritize safe, healthy time near, in, on or under water and in nature in order to boost your health, happiness, creativity and social connections. 

However, please consult a health professional for all medical conditions. A Bluescription is not a substitute for your relationship with your primary caregiver.

Practicing #BlueMind can provide us with a protective state, a buffer from the noise and distractions, a shield from pain and suffering, and a mechanism to avoid burnout (gray mind) when we need it most. This is very useful in our modern red-minded world.

Join The 100 Days of #BlueMind Challenge from May 25th (Memorial Day) trough September 7th (Labor Day) 2020. Make plans to surf, swim, dive, paddle, float, boat, gaze, listen or walk near, in, on or under your favorite water, lake, river, ocean, pool, tub or spa - even rain, snow, ice and all forms of virtual water count - every day and share your thoughts, stories and images.

If you'd like to sponsor one of the 100 days or the entire challenge, please join us as a patron.

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