Stargazer Daily - 3/31

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DAILY SABIAN SYMBOL: A Teacher Gives New Symbolic Forms To Traditional Images

GENERAL FORECAST: Mars moves into Gemini, signaling a shift away from the material and subjective concerns that have been dominant (heavy Earth/Water placements) and towards more intellectual and theoretical pursuits. Curiosity precipitates over the coming weeks, and development of ideas through writing and conversation offers a productive use of this energy. Duality is emphasized in Gemini, which seeks to consider varied points of view and rarely chooses one side over the other, aware that both have their merits. 

The Moon from Aquarius underscores a detached atmosphere, favoring contacts that are built upon shared ideologies or through which authentic self expression can be realized. Experimental and even eccentric attitudes contribute to a highly vitalizing ambience. Seeking out something new or different stimulates the lines of communication and awareness. A short trip (especially hiking, or even a long walk for those of us confined to Urban environments,) can restore a sense of optimism and offer a moment for restorative reflection. Bright ideas have a way of popping up out of nowhere if you can break from routine. 


In order to reach new shores - the old ones must be left behind. Reorientation, finding new ways to look at things, objectivity. Let go of your old situation. Reflect upon the insight of the I - Ching: "It is necessary to cross the great waters".

The Moon is VOC in Aquarius from 10:01p EDT.



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