Phoenix OS ROC - PUBG Special Edition V3


-Updated performance scripts for PUBG Moblie v.0.11.x - v.0.12.Beta

-Updated Firmware (Fixed mic/wifi/keyboard issues for some device)

-Changed cursor and some icons.

Phoenix OS ROC - PUBG SE V3 : Download Size: 581 MB

SHA-256: 4255C1EE71F4FBC91E28A2984D1E488D9913AC1CB210E0B307C950AE4E2F45DC

*Activated emulator mod.

NoEmu Patch (NEW-BETA): Download (You need use the APT for apply the patch. Copy the lite.roc file into the /tools/update folder. After unpacking system.img, use the commands: 5 > 1 > 2) (This patch is being prepared for tablet users. There is a ban risk for PC users.)

Addional Files:

NFS Injector ver. ROC: Download >Magisk module - Credit @k1ks

GMS Doze: Download >Magisk module - Credit @gloeyisk

Kernel Auditor Intelx86 Mod : Download 

BAGT : Download

ViperFX v2.5 ROC Profile : Download  (Extract the .zip into the Main Storage folder - Open ViperFX and load profile)

ViperFX v2.6 : Download (This system has ViperFX v2.5. If you want to use v2.6, you must delete Viper4Arise folder from System(root) > system > priv-app)  

ViperFX - ROC Profile: Download (Extract the .zip into the Main Storage folder - Open ViperFX and load profile) (With these settings, footsteps become more noticeable. Activate the "dynamic system" feature to hear bass when listening to music.)

Apex Custom Launcher Settings: Download (Extract the .zip into the Android/data folder. Then open Apex Settings. Backup&Restore > Select Restore from SD) 

HD Wallpapers : Download

*Other pubg compatible kernel versions: If you have hardware that is not running on the system, you can update kernel with APT.

Kernel 4-19-7 : Download (Credit @Dust26)

Kernel 4-14-15 :  Download  (Official / FPS limited) 


-For access all disk partition : You will see a file in the "download" folder. You need execute that file as root user with FX file manager. All discs will then be automatically activated. Disks are disabled after each restart.

-First try the PUBG performance with a guest account. If you dont see an emulator detection msg, you can get ban.

-If you are still experiencing a lag problem, that means unfortunately your hardware is inadequate. 


1-Install the system and reboot it.

2-Make an Internet connection. Open Magisk Manager and confirm "additional setup" notice.

3-Install Pubg Mobile from Play Store / with your backup files. 

4-Install Kernel Auditor and grant root.

5-Install NFS magisk modules and restart the system.

6-System(root) > Data > NFS  - Edit with text editor : Mode.txt 0 > 1 - Scale.txt 1 > 0.5 (custom) Then restart the system.

7-Launch PUBG Mobile and make your custom settings in game. (sensitivity , controls etc) > Close the game.

8-Launch BAGT and set the pubg graphics according to your system and have fun without lag!

*Preparing video for other optimizations.

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