The Conscious Choice

Hi patrons and friends, 

Thanks for your patience with me as I had to place my conscious awareness into my book last month. Today, I have made the pivot in consciousness back here to the Patreon page. 

As you all are aware, once you place your consciousness, or awareness, with an expanded sense of focus (not constricted mental focus, but focus as a sensation from your being-ness) ever-abundant energy flows in the direction of that consciousness, the clear choice.

Sometimes that energy is commanded to create a physical manifestation, a physical expression of the I Am. And that is what our human part tends to focus on, physical manifestation of our physical needs being met in this Earth reality. But there is so much more!

From an expanded perspective, clear consciousness in choice as a command to ever-present energy, is really – including beyond having our human needs met – choosing with awareness what we want to experience, and then energy shows up to create the chosen experience. 

For example, I choose to have the experience of realization, and now energy will show up to support my having that experience – if I can stay out of my own way. 

If you are nodding your head and saying yes, I get that – and yet I choose and choose and choose and I have yet to see it manifest. There is something I have been seeing in others. And the only way I can recognize it is that I saw in myself for many years. 

If aspects – what I prefer to call un-integrated identities – the parts and pieces that have not yet come home to Self – are at play, it is likely those parts of you are still making choices. 

For example, one aspect wants to be seen and heard. Another aspect wants to create something like a book or movie or whatever. Another aspect desperately needs a full bank account, or its not doing this enlightenment thing. 

In other words, there are a lot of parts and pieces of Self, making demands – attempting to command energy. The ‘voices’ are attempting to negotiate, and even pleading their case to the soul. 

So, what happens when a choice is made from multiple un-integrated voices, instead of ONE voice of Self, is that the energy doesn’t know where to go. If you have say four active voices within you, making four separate demands, the energy becomes STUCK, because there is no clear path to support the chosen experience. Which voice is the neutral energy going to flow toward and out of???

I will say there is no need to break this down and analyze it or label the voices or anything like that. In my humble opinion and experience (and everyone’s will be unique to them), rather than focusing on why something is or is not manifesting, would be to find a softness within yourself, relax enough to allow those remaining rogue identities to come home. 

I often had a million projects, domain names, and ideas pre-realization. And they always fell apart, and I always wondered why. And then I knew that’s because they were distractions. The deepest part of myself, the truest part of myself really desired realization, and to make that firm within my physical being. 

Turns out all those things I wanted to create and desperately to be recognized for were not really the desire of true Me. They were the ideas and desires of the rogue identities. In other words, I figured out who was really in charge of this whole realization/ enlightenment thing, and my human/ ego let go of steering the ship. 

Now in an integrated state, as soon as I choose to experience something (in multiple realities, from a multiple yet highly integrated Self), the energy shows up to instantly support that experience. 

It’s everything I dreamed of – yet it is quite scary as my humanity is still woven into the tapestry of Self.  

It is human nature to avoid clear choice. In some ways, the human would rather something be decided for it – the perceived free will. For example, it may set it eyes on something perceivably unreachable, so it can have the pleasure of saying "oh, I tried and it didn’t work, so now I give up." 

The human loves to play games like this until it is integrated, and no longer in charge. 

You can look around at humanity and see it clearly. Rather than making choices, they allow their reality to grow up around them. Things happen to them, rather than creating their own reality. 

Everyone here has made a decision on some level to create their own reality (and everyone is creating their reality but doesn't see it yet), but few in the world have moved into the consistent and constant choosing of their reality, of their experience. 

For that will only come, at least for me, when the un-integrated aspects or old roles and identities come Home to Self.   

The funny part for me is I said I always wanted this, but when I began to feel it as my constant reality – just in the last few months. The humanity woven into the tapestry of Self, was on edge. 

I don’t have those internal voices anymore debating in my head. Yet, I still have my biology, so at the cellular level I felt on edge. Do we really want to be the creator of our own reality – All the time?!?! 

Then we won’t have anyone to blame when things go wrong. We can’t yell at the government. We can’t blame the system. When someone is mean to us, it’s our creation. Woah!

And then with a single deep breath into the cells who were screaming within my biology, my integrated Self, which I call Me, simply spread awareness. And you know what? 

The energy showed up at my command to sooth the cells. Yes, we are creating our realities with every breath. It’s not an overwhelming responsibility it is the greatest way we can honor ourselves, this magical experience of an embodied lifetime. 

It is the difference between having the “I am God, too” experience and then shrinking back into limitation AND having the GodSelf realization experience and staying, fully rooted within it, which is crucial for having the experience of EMBODIMENT, or embodied creation. 

When this sets in, there is no lag time from a clear and conscious choice to the creation of the experience, physically or otherwise. And that’s nothing to panic about. For in this state you are not going to choose something, that would say…turnout to be disastrous. 

The safeguard is if you make a choice from an un-integrated portion of yourself, energy gets so confused on which command to support from which part of yourself, that it freezes, creating the stuck feeling we all know. 

So, if you feel stuck, perhaps is the wisest part of yourself – the master part – whose saying, “hell no, we are not going down that old path. Dear human, when are you going to trust me and truly allow yourself in?”

So, for all those projects that never came to fruition, we have one being to thank, and that is ourselves. Thank you, wisdom internal, God internal. 

I see clearly these days, when making a decision we have to go ALL in, meaning the clear and conscious choice must come from the ALL – an integrated Self. 

We are no longer choosing between going left, right, or center. The aspects like the either- or that is choosing between left and right. Instead, New Energy is expanding in all directions. 

We no longer need to hang onto what we currently perceive we have, waiting for the New to come in. In fact, energy cannot be commanded to support a conscious choice when we hold onto a “just in case” backup plan.

It could be staying in a job or relationship until a new one comes along, for example. That no longer works...

Even more so you, can't hold onto perceived human free will until your realization sets in. That's where the endless waiting and stuck-ness occurs. You have to let go. 

We don't "get realized" and then let go of our dominant human persona. We go egoless and identity-free in the perceived "free fall" and then find ourselves in a new state of being. 

The ego is still there but in a new and different form of being in service to the master Self, rather than dragging it along. In other words, we don't seem to kill the ego or our humanity, but to move beyond it - weaving it into the integrated tapestry of Self. 

 Yet, we all have to free fall in a final let go to allow realization that we are already realized to roll in. That we have already done this, and are simply reversing into this oh-so-natural state of being. 

It's the same in creation - human plans require more human backup plans, creation has no plan or back up plan. It simply is! And energy flows to support that clear choice, not being fractured and diluted by back up plans. 

And I only realized this post-realization when I tried to hold onto old until new came in. In the realized state this is impossible. It's like trying to hold water in your hands. It just pours out between your fingers. 

What happens instead - whether your creation is realization or a new life or anything really - is that we must let go in a free fall - trusting and knowing deeply - that the NEW will come in once we FINALLY let go. 

And in this state of being, all it takes is a movement-free pivot into the "next" facet of the integrated Self to create the "next" experience, until this experience moves naturally into simultaneously multiple creation as an expression of the simultaneously multiple I AM HERE.

(Facet here is an integrated expression of Self. Instead of being a separate voice or identity, it is like a wave of Self that rises up from within the oceanic Self, in expression, yet never separate and always part of the One Self.)

To restate, there can no longer be a "just in case" back up plan. In an integrated state, this is impossible because it would be a separate part of self, rather than an integrated One, making the back up plan. The plan would come from an un-integrated aspect. 

 Falling into the ocean of Self is a plan-free state of being. Instead, the master relies on the clear and conscious choice, and is free to pivot instantly into the 'next' experience and 'next' iteration of Self, within the infinite present moment from the infinite Self.  

I remember clearly (back in 2017) how much fear that comes up and talks incessantly in that inner dialogue during this time - oh man, the what ifs...what ifs are old energy scenarios that we all are much to grand for...but still the fear is palpable. I remember. 

However, eventually, I found for myself, I got so tired of what ifs, that I simply surrendered into the void. And continuously do so in this new perpetual state of becoming. 

Again, in the New Energy, there is no choice between left, right, center, or staying put, it is the ALL and the ALL is the void - one the human perceives as chaos - but really is the Self. 

If you find yourself in the choosing left or right scenarios, perhaps you can open up to the AND that is the ALL, simply relaxing into the softness and fluidity of your inimitable being-ness. 

You may say you are going slowly - incrementally - but there is no incremental forwardness in New Energy. There are no longer steps. They dissolve beneath your feet. 

Rather, New Energy is expansional moving in all directions from a clear choice that includes no steps - no steps forward or backward. Moving beyond the spiral of expansion and awareness, it all happens real time. 

What do you choose - not in the either/ or but in the AND from the ALL? The choice is yours and yours alone. 

I look forward to discussing this in our Patron-only call this Wednesday (details in the previous post).