PlayTracker Roadmap for April/May 2019

Since Insight launched recently and the redesign will soon arrive for the rest of PlayTracker, it's time to lay out some plans for the future, especially since there’s already hints of upcoming features in the benefits and goals here on Patreon. To reiterate on how those work: future features set as goals will unlock for all users. Features mentioned in benefits are rolling out and will be available to patrons only as soon as they launch.

This roadmap is a general wishlist and not a strict plan, so according to feedback priority might get shuffled or things might get removed or things might be added.

In the near future:

  • The redesign to roll out for all parts of PlayTracker
  • Improvements to Insight estimates, to be detailed in an article soon
  • New customization options for PlayTracker profiles
    - titles under your username unlocked through various things like perfecting games and completing quests
    - highlight colors and level icons for Rare-level Patrons and above (so all Patrons)
  • New Insight features for Epic-level Patrons
    - compare data between games on the same graph
    - more detail in the existing graphs like monthly datapoints instead of yearly for the "Achievements over time" graph
    - exclusive graphs like active users over time
  • A revamped syncing system to make adding profiles easier

After that:

  • A revamped library with support for managing a backlog, marking games as beaten, multiple view options (compact, default, detailed) and more filters
  • Adding all platforms supported by Social to Insight (PlayStation, XBOX, GOG)
  • Expanding Quest with PlayTracker League: a seasonal achievement hunting competition with cosmetic rewards for winners’ profiles where you can compete both against your friends and the entirety of PlayTracker
  • Allowing users to complete old quests
  • Automating Origin syncing, since tbh it sucks the way it is now
  • Adding support for more platforms like uPlay and Google Play 

I look forward to making PlayTracker even better in the future, thanks to your help!

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