going viral

this is a post for my fellow writers, artists, and other reluctant self-promoters. last week, an image i created months ago went mysteriously viral. i watched with disbelief as the numbers shot up.

to date:
how many people have seen my post so far: 863,500
how many people have liked, shared, commented on it: 102,900 (WOW!)
how many people have sought out and clicked on my website because of it: 14

how many people were so offended by my post that they asked facebook never to show them a post by me again: 36

now, who knows? maybe one of those 14 people will give me a seven-figure book deal, option one of my books, or maybe invite me to speak at their school. but i'm not holding my breath, and that's okay. this experience confirms what i've suspected for a long time: exposure is worth less than people try to convince me it's worth (often these are the same folks who are looking to hire me for cheap).

so to my fellow artists, let me say this: don't worry about appealing to the masses, going viral, or any of that stuff. just keep making the work you love because you love to make it, and make sure you get PAID a decent wage for doing so!


ps. also: please check out my website and option my books! marinaomi.com 😳

(this is a repost from facebook, where the image went viral)

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