The Monday Muse never dreamed of Hollywood

For this upcoming first Friday in April, we turn to the Reedsy  mailing list. Since it's been a while since I picked a Reedsy-prompted  freewriting session as the raw material for a Fictionette, here's a  review of what that's all about.

The main Reedsy website appears to advertise a sort of matchmaking  service for self-publishing authors looking for professionals who can  help them: editors, marketers, artists, etc. I say "appears" not to  disparage but only because I haven't really dug into their offerings to  know. I'm not really in their marketing demographic, having chosen to  work mostly on the "traditional" side of publishing (and I hate the term "traditional publishing" to describe the agent-editor-and-slush-pile process, given the scam artists  who popularized it in the first place, but, alas, the semantics have  well and truly drifted; the term now seems to be fully accepted in the  industry). But if you follow the link I've provided in the first  paragraph, you'll get access to a huge searchable database of writing  prompts and an opportunity to sign up for their mailing list.

They email you once a week--on Fridays, fancy that--and it's just  five writing prompts based around a single theme. Submit a story based  on one of those prompts by the following Friday, and you could win a $50  prize. I rarely enter the contest, but I do like the writing prompts.

The prompts in the March 1st email were all about Hollywood, seeing  as how the Academy Awards had just happened. And I reacted to them with a  bit of resentment. Why should I write about anything Hollywood? I don't  care about anything Hollywood. Where do these people get off,  sending out an email to writers across the globe with the assumption  that every single recipient goes as gaga over the Academy Awards as they  do?

But of course the more resistance I have to a prompt, the more  potential the prompt probably has for me. So I set my timer and I damn  well wrote about Hollywood.

Here are the prompts from that email. I used the first one, but you  should choose whichever one you like, or even combine several into a  hydra-headed mega-prompt:

  • You are the host of a celebrity home tour in Hollywood.
  • On your 30th birthday, you left Hollywood and vowed never to return. And you hadn't, until now.
  • "Quiet on set!" A dense hush fell, and you waited for your cue.
  • You are Hollywood's most successful tabloid paparazzi photographer, and you are about to retire.
  • With a car full of everything you owned, you made your way to Hollywood with no plans other than your destination.  

Have fun! The contest deadline associated with these particular  prompts is long past, but the comments below are always open for your  prose, poetry, and/or links to same. (Disclaimer: No contest prize  offered. No eyeballs but mine guaranteed.) See you Friday!

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