Episode 44: Embryos Wars — Tim Schlesinger

Tim is a St. Louis-based attorney with over 35 years’ experience. After spending much of his career doing traditional family law (divorce and custody), he stumbled upon Assisted Reproductive Technology Law and has become a renowned expert in the area.

Listen as Tim chats about: 

  • His unusual route to representing his first surrogacy client.
  • The story behind the famous McQueen v Gadberry embryo disposition case and how Tim stepped in.
  • What happens when a couple with cryopreserved embryos divorces -- and one wants to use the embryos for conception, one doesn’t, and the law says embryos are persons with protectable rights in life, health and well-being. Oh my.
  • What the US Constitution says about our fundamental rights to reproduce (or not reproduce!).
  • In what state an embryo can sue someone and someone can sue an embryo (yep, you read that right).
  • Whether an embryo is a human, property or something else, and what the law has to say about it.

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