Monthly Progress Report & Stuff - April 2019

Hi everyone! How have you all been this month! I'm tired, but fine nonetheless.

If forgot to check beforehand, but I think our little patreon group stayed about the same size. Thank you patrons who have been staying with me even now, patrons who decided to join me  as well as the patrons who have decided to leave, for supporting me in my translations. It always makes me happy people care about my translation and are willing to support my efforts.

Just like the previous monthly post,  I will report what chapters I'm currently translating of each project I'm doing as well as things I'd want to discuss with you all and any other things that could influence my translations in one way or another.  

Translation progress 

  • Second Summon: Chapter 94 at 50% -> 97 at 0%
  • Hiki-NEET:  Vol  9 Chapter 5 at 0% -> Vol 9 Chapter 7 at 0%
  • Retired Hero: Chapter 28 at 0% -> Chapter 31 at 0%

Most of you won't notice much of this except for the mithril ranks so I'm going to do this for the 6 patrons here: I'll get at least the 10 edited and 2 unedited chapters up by the end of this month or I'll refund your payment this month. It doesn't feel right not to make enough progress for everyone. I'm still doing this for fun.


From May 4th to 25th I will be going on a holiday to China, so I may not be able to translate during that time. This means that I probably won't be able to translate the monthly short for that month. What I'm going to try to do is try to translate 4 extra chapters of each novel on top of what I promised above and release those extra chapters around the start of may. If I see I won't be getting those chapters ready, then I'll just put a stop on the payment for that month. You won't be getting any updates during the month either way though. 

I don't know if I can get anything done during the holidays, but I'll likely do something more leisure than this, so don't get your hopes up.


That is all I want to throw out to you guys. If you want to respond in any of the above points or have any other questions, please let me know through comments, mail or discord(link here just in case). I'll be more than happy to respond to you.

 Thank you for reading and see you in my next translations and/or monthly report!  

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