Small(?) Update

Hey everyone. Doc here. I wanted to write about a few changes we are making to the Patreon for this year. So, obviously, we have been at this for a year now. *throws confetti* And we've been very thankful to all the people who have helped us along the way. It has been a hell of a year, with ups and downs, but I think it's time to change a few things.

The smallest change has already happened. We started our wrestling theme song podcast, Tune Sweet last year and it has been doing fairly well. Enough that we decided to migrate that show into it's own Patreon over at As much as I think wrestling is pretty much anime, we figured we would keep the wrestling stuff over there so we can concentrate on the comic/cartoon stuff over here. That is not to say there isn't going to be potential cross-over material in the future, we just don't want to bombard people with only wrestling content for a month and feel like we aren't treating the anime/manga side as much. All the wrestling material, including the Stolen Gimmick one-shots, that has already been posted will stay on here but any future wrestling material we be on the Tune Sweet Patreon. If you want to jump ship, or contribute to both, now is the time.

#JumpingThrough2017 is ending. One last episode to go which means there will be a hole left once it is done. Luckily, I have something for that. If you have been following my Twitter, you might have seen a couple of threads that have been started with maybe more to come. I will be doing some one-shot reviews to cap off some of the series I was reading for this show as a way to end this series before closing the book on this tier.

Which brings me to one of the things that we have been looking into changing for a while now. We've been thinking of restructuring some of the tiers for this year. Our goals will still be the same but we think that the way you pay us could use some updating. Possibly merging a few tiers, changing amounts, and maybe adding a new tier. We still want to provide the content we've been bringing out but we think making it easier for current and potential new patrons to back our network.

We are not big despite us acting like we are. So we want to make a change so we can get to a point where we are financially as big as we think we are. 2018 was fun. Let's make 2019 even more fun. We want to have fun on the internet talking about anime and manga. We hope you come along with us.


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