Wow!! First off, What a month this has been! We have gone from 10 patrons to 43 amazing patrons! We have opened up our first custom server for all of the patrons to play on. We have reached 3 goals in that time span and that was just our second month here. Amazing!! I would like to say thank you to each and every one of you! You all made this happen and I am hoping we can do our best to keep it up and to bring more to the Love Clan! Server and TeamSpeak News!--- WE have both of them up! I am waiting on the patreon pledges to process and then I will be sending the email that will explain when the launch is and when we will do the huge recording launch with all who can come to it. Plus, I will send out the email along with it about the teamspeak server as well when everything is processed! I can't wait to get started! Giveaways! --- These will begin the first Friday of this month and who ever wins I will send the gift to them as soon as the payment is processed and of course there will be 2 more on the following Fridays :D Youtube! --- its been a busy month and I sadly missed a couple days but so far this past week I have kept that promise to do a video a day. It is quite a change from the usual stream and dont worry haha. I am making sure to have a schedule for it and I enjoy it very much! :D New Goals and Pledges --- So I am wanting to go for new goals. We have our goal in sight for 500 by the end of the month and I am betting we can make it there, but I want to make more goals to give to you guys! So... I was wondering would you like to have a goal where you get a monthly pin of Love Clan artwork? Kind of like a badge for each month. Also.. would you like t-shirts as well for a higher pledge? I am setting my sights trying new things for you guys and I want do what I can to bring new things to you! ^_^ Let me know in the comments! :D Pledges have also been updated! We have a new spot on the $50 mark and I have capped the other 2 $10 dollar marks so I don't. I would like to add more. Suggestions are welcome! :D So guys! That is all I have to say for this! Please let me know what you think! I want to hear what you have to say! :D Lets go straight for the top! ^_^