BONUS: Thirty Days of Fear
This is a thank you to the nineteen patrons who have helped get me to my first Patreon milestone. You are great friends to me and your support means the world.

I started this Patreon because I was stuck. Instead of picking a story and writing it until the end, I was flitting between different stories as they captured my interest. Oh yes, I was learning something from each new style or structure, but I wasn't finishing. Something was wrong.

I was scared.

I've spent well over a decade of my career working with people who want to write. I've run workshops with kids, and old people and people suffering with sicknesses of body and mind. I've taught in prisons, in hospitals, in schools, in universities and, most recently, in hippy communes in the Himalayas. And I can say with absolute conviction that when it comes to touching our creative potential, we all, every single human being, have the same problem.


That fear manifests in the craziest ways. My fear tells me a story. For many years the fear story was so powerful I would mistake it for the truth. If I spent time on writing my stories I would…be fired from my job! Or the story would be awful and I would never have a chance to write another. If I tried to be a writer I would end up old and penniless, a burden to my friends and family. And on. And on. And I know I'm not alone in this. Everyone has their own fear story playing, that all too often shuts down our natural creativity.

I've taken many steps over many years to overcome my own fear story. From quitting the job I was afraid I’d get fired from, to leaving the UK to travel the wold as a digital nomad. Setting up this Patreon was the latest, a step to make myself take action. For the whole of the month ahead I'm taking another step, completeing a new story that I will be sharing with my patrons, because the people I most want to write stories for are my friends. And I know at times writing that story there will once again be fear.

So for the next thirty days I'm taking a journey to the other side of my fears, and I'm taking you with me! Every day for thirty days I'll be making a new post here on Patreon about overcoming creative fears. I'll be drawing from the wisdom of some great artists, and inviting a few friends along to help as well. Wherever you are in your own creative path, I hope that by sharing the next thirty days with you, I can help you take another step forward.

Fear Day 1 starts today with this post, and continues on 2nd July with some thoughts on…Quiet.

Love & Peace.


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