Announcing our new Patreon goal: Degoya County!

We are very pleased to announce our brand-new Patreon goal! If we can hit $5k, we will begin production on the mysterious and long-rumored Degoya County project!

What is Degoya County?

Degoya County is a project comprised of 3 things: 1) a horror actual play podcast with a focus on high production values; 2) a quarterly zine featuring original fiction and game content set in the same universe; and 3) a series of game sessions on Gauntlet Hangouts that give people an opportunity to play in the world of Degoya County. 

Essentially, Degoya County brings together everything The Gauntlet is good at—podcasts, zines, and game organizing—into a single, epic project. In many ways, Degoya County is the culmination of everything we have been doing over the last few years, and we are so excited to bring it to you. 

Let’s talk about each of those previously listed components individually…

1) A horror actual play podcast with a focus on high production values

The centerpiece of the Degoya County project will be an actual play podcast that will feature musical cues, sound effects, and high-quality audio. The podcast will be an anthology-style horror joint that will take place in a small, fictional county in New Mexico. Over the course of the series, we’ll use different games to explore major events in the county’s history, anchored by a present-day storyline told with Monsterhearts 2. Some themes we hope to explore include Native and colonial history; modern-day Mexican-American culture and urban legends; Satanic cult shit going down in the desert; and looming, throbbing Lovecraftian horror in the background. Each episode will be introduced by Big Man, the well-loved character from the Mercy Falls actual play series, in a short Log Lady/Cryptkeeper-style vignette. 

There will be support episodes of the podcast for each new game series we play: a discussion episode where we talk about the system to be played, and a debrief episode after the game is finished. We will also include any world-building sessions that take place prior to play. People love our Mercy Falls series on Pocket-Sized Play, but a regular critique is that there isn’t any surrounding discussion about the AP, either substantive discussion of game mechanics or feedback/debrief sessions from the participants. The reason for that is because Mercy Falls was not originally recorded with the intention of being shared in a podcast format. But with Degoya County, we want to do something different. Some of our strengths in The Gauntlet include deep analysis of game mechanics and a strong, supportive play culture. These auxiliary episodes of Degoya County will give us the space to incorporate those strengths. 

2) A quarterly zine featuring original fiction and game content

The quarterly zine will launch a few months after the podcast and will contain original horror fiction set in Degoya County.  The idea here is to explore and expand upon characters and ideas from the podcast. We will also publish supplementary material for the games featured on the show. At The Gauntlet, we like to feature the work of new and marginalized creators, and this zine will have a particular emphasis on the work of Native and Mexican-American authors. 

3) A series of Degoya County game sessions on Gauntlet Hangouts

Gauntlet Hangouts, of course, is our groundbreaking online game calendar which features over 200 sessions per month and is more or less re-shaping indie ttrpgs. As part of the Degoya County project, we’re going to schedule a special track of game sessions set in the Degoya County universe. There are many amazing actual play podcasts out there, but few (and possibly none) give people a structured opportunity to actually play game sessions in those worlds. In The Gauntlet, we are uniquely situated to provide this kind of opportunity, and so we’re going to do so. 

We’re very excited about Degoya County. We think it’s going to be something that is truly groundbreaking in tabletop roleplaying games. We’ll have more information to share soon about GMs, cast members, production, and so forth. Our plan is to release the first episode of the Degoya County podcast either the day we hit the $5k goal or on Halloween, whichever comes later. Please help us hit that goal in whatever way you can; even simply telling others about the project goes a long, long way. 

And, as always, thanks so much for your support!

(Degoya County logo by Jake Householder)

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