Chapter Nine - "Leech" available! (plus Russian Chapter 3!)

Without further ado, here's Chapter Nine! I can't believe we're at 197 pages already. This went a lot faster than expected! :)

As always, please let me know how you like it! Also, for those of you yearning to read the second chapter of "The Poet In Me", I'm trying my best to keep a regular schedule, but Chapter Nine took a lot more time than I anticipated - and, though it's all for fun, I want "The Poet In Me" to be as funny as possible. I'll probably release the second chapterlater this week.

Huge thanks as usual to Ireena and Xenia for Chapter 3 of the Russian translation and to  Roció Labra for Chapter Six! New German chapter is on the way!  Oh, and I'll probably be making another video next week. I'm starting to feel like an influencer. ^^

This week's artwork is by none other than weretoad-art! I'm a sucker for abstract art (and tarot cards in particular), so this is amazing. Thank you, weretoad!

A big shoutout to my Patrons and all my readers. Happy reading!


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