Okay, June plans!

So since I’m already doing the one-shot story for Saul and Vaun (the second half and then the commentary version will be all together when it’s finished), I figure this can be an oddball month and I’ll finally finish Broken Guns. Like maybe 3 people read that story, but there’s only one chapter left, and I really want to get it done finally! It’s one I’m going to look into self-pubbing for, just to see how the process works because I don’t expect it to sell or do well, but it needs very little editing and seems good for an experiment of that sort. Then that would also come with a commentary version and probably a sneak peak at the sequel (because there is one! There’s always a sequel!) and a worldbuilding PDF.

Other things; for bonus content for the Saul and Vaun story, I have no exact idea. I thought about making more playlists (one would be for Saul, one for Vaun) of songs they actually like, since a PDF is....weird? There’s no world-building really, and my only other plan is to have character bios (I made fake student ID cards for all the main characters just for fun and those would be included). But I was going to save that kind of PDF for the rewritten chapters.

Anyway, input is always considered! If anybody has anything they'd like to see it's definitely something I would take into account. Communication is good and I swear I'm nice!

ALSO: If you are the person who I REMOVED as a Patron in May for a DECLINED APRIL PAYMENT and who JUST REPLEDGED at the $5 level, PLEASE CONTACT ME! I don't want to remove you again but I've sent you multiple messages and am getting no response, and it's not fair to others if your pledges are declining but you get to see everything! Next time I'm going to mention you by name (I don't want to!) because I have no idea if you're not getting my emails and messages or just not replying. Please contact me!

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