259: It Only Makes Me Laugh
I got the title of this comic (and the whole series, sort of) from this Danny Elfman / Oingo Boingo song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZdycnbjpGI In my head I've always considered this song the "IT HURTS" theme song. This particular comic is all about laughing at dark shit that people normally wouldn't laugh at. And that's a recurring theme throughout the series as well. I've always had sort of a sick sense of humor and I passed that on to Ally, who is in awe of Jen's comic timing right here. I also like the idea that maybe Jen can "pal around" with her enemies when she's not trying to kill them. There's a lot of flawed, fucked up characters in IT HURTS that are a mixture of "good" and "evil" and that's part of what makes this series so much fun to write.