Mastering YouTube Studio Beta with Tom Leung

Hi everyone!

If you are active on YouTube, I hope you had a chance to watch the Q&A I had with Tom from the Product Development Team at YouTube. Tom reached out to me in the comment section of a previous live stream I did talking about how the YouTube Creator Studio is replacing the our beloved YouTube video manager. When he watched that video he decided it would be a good idea to do a Part Two where he would come on and answer our questions. 

As you can imagine, I jumped at the chance! I'm honored to know that someone from #TeamYouTube felt it would be a good idea to come on to MY CHANNEL!! I'm still grinning from ear to ear just thinking about it 😁



I reached out to all of you in the Patron Only Facebook Group to be sure that your questions got answered first. I made the decision to use Streamyard for the stream to eliminate any possible friction that Tom might have with joining the stream and it also gave me the opportunity highlight questions from the live audience up on screen.  Here are time stamps that will help you navigate to your question:

06:41 How to Find YouTube Views by Device

11:45 YouTube Smart Headline Alerts

13:42 YouTube Playlist Analytics

15:00 Relative Retention Reports

20:25 Usability and Design of Studio Beta

24:50 Current state of adding YouTube End Screens

27:40 Complexities of YouTube Notifications

30:00 Deadline for the end of Video Manager

34:13 Notification Cards 

35:15 Coming soon: Creator Features Hub

39:05 Improvements to Community Tab

43:33 Advice to Creators and closing thoughts from Tom

Putting Data to Good Use

Once we all begin to know how to find critical data in YouTube Studio Beta, we can begin to put those data to use and make improvements to our channel. I know that the folks at TubeBuddy are standing by and ready to add features for us as the Studio evolves.

Stay tuned for a patron only live stream with more details coming your way very soon.

Thanks so much, and we will chat soon!

~Ms. Ileane

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