Welcome to the Epic Rap Battles Of History FAQ where we'll try to answer any potential questions you may have about our Patreon page.

What is a Discord server? Discord is a voice and text chat service that works on desktop and mobile. You will be able to discuss ERB, chat with Peter and Lloyd and meet other fans.

How do I gain access to the ERB Discord server? For a guide to how to access the Discord server please see here. Make sure the email associated with your Patreon account is the same email that you use to access the Discord server. 

When does the monthly quiz begin? We will launch a new quiz every month - usually early or mid month. There will be prizes on offer each time.

What day will the monthly live stream be on? The date will probably change each month depending on our production schedule. We will post up details on the Patreon and Discord asap. (the live stream is only available to Writer & Director tier patrons)

When will I receive my merchandise discount code? We will send you details of the discount code via a tier specific post on the Patreon news feed each month. The code will change regularly and we will notify you each time.

How will my name show up in the credits of the video?  We will enter all the names of our current Director patrons into the ending credits of the next battle we are producing. The cutoff date for inclusion is generally 24-48 hrs prior to the video release. But don't worry - if you miss that deadline, you'll be included in the video credits the following month instead.

What name of mine will you use in the video credits? We will be using your actual Patreon account name. So please ensure you have that named correctly. We can't do custom changes. And you are responsible for ensuring the details are correct.

How many months do I need to be a member in order to receive an item in the post? After three months of continued membership to this Patreon, all users at Director level will be sent an item. Then every three months after that as long as they remain at Director tier level.

Why is there no option to pledge a lower sum then $5? We wanted to keep the tier structure concise. But, you are able to submit a custom pledge (with no rewards) of $1+ if you wish. Just click 'Become A Patron' button, then select 'Custom Pledge'

My email address or home address has changed - what do I do? You can find instructions on how to edit your email address here or your home address here.

Why did my payment get declined?  The most common reasons are expired payment information, mis-typed payment details, insufficient funds, or the issuing bank has blocked the charge. For more information see here.

When I sign up will my bank account be charged immediately? You will be charged on the actual date you sign up and then also on the 1st of the month after that. But, you can unsubscribe at any time.

What happens i I change tier during the month? If you downgrade your tier mid-month you immediately lose some benefits associated with the tier you're moving from, so we would strongly advise you only downgrade tier as close to the end of the month as possible. If you upgrade your tier mid-month you instantly gain the extra tier benefits.

Will I receive a refund if I downgrade tier during the month? No. We are unable to refund payments in this scenario, as it would cause us issues with data management and it would allow users to jump tiers, gain benefits and knowledge and downgrade. Which would defeat the purpose of the tier structure.

Can I re-upload content I find on Patreon elsewhere? No. All content you find on this Patreon is off limits. Anyone found to be uploading content elsewhere, or posting up information about it - will risk being removed from the Patreon.

Where can I buy official ERB merchandise? You can purchase official items over at our merch store at:

I have a question that isn't answered on this FAQ - what do I do? You can send us a direct message and we'll get back to you asap - instructions on what to do are hereBut, if you're not already signed up to the Patreon, you'll need to email us instead at: [email protected]

Thank you for wanting to support us. We really, really do appreciate it. :o)


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