25th October 2016 - Gotta stop that procrastination!

Spoiler alert

This post is going to be completely unrelated to game development.


So you know how they say if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Well if you're a horrible planner, it's pretty much as good as planning to fail XD I have this whole timetable set up where it tells me what I should be studying every day etc. but the problem is, I can't start the day without having my breakfast, doing my morning Reddit routine etc. In the end, I often start my day at around 10-11 which is pretty much half a day gone. Then during the day while studying, I would get bored of studying and start getting distracted on YouTube, looking up for short 10 minute videos and before you know it, another hour has passed! Haha ............ :) ...... :| ...... :( 

I really don't like taking exams. I don't like the whole rote memorization crap that I always have to do for exams. I'd rather do more assignments where they ask us more complicated questions so I can go online and read about it so I can understand them better. 

Okay I should really go off and do some work. I'll update this post with tonight's progress later! 

Edit: Note to self, pause and watch what you're doing when watching tutorials. I made an error just now and tried to debug it and it was a horrible experience. Basically what happened was I saved my player profile as "Player Settings Save" but I tried looking for "Player Setting Save". Had to rewatch a 30 minute video because of this ... That's why you don't make a game by following a tutorial instead you should make them yourself. T.T Please never happen to me again!