Do You Detox Your Bone Broth?

Do you make bone broth from scratch at home? 

Do you know about "skimming the scum"?

If you make your own homemade bone broth, you may notice the brown foam that bubbles up to the surface at the first boil. Did you know that you need to skim that off?

That brown foam is known as "scum" and what it is, is the toxins that have been released from the rendered fats in the bone/meat/cartilage that are being boiled. Fat stores toxins and when it is heated and melts, it releases the stored toxins, which must be removed.
Grandma called this "skimming the scum" off the top of the soup/broth. 

Keep boiling and skimming until no more brown foam accumulates on the surface, then bring back to a second boil and then reduce the heat and start your simmer. 

If you are using vegetables in your broth, you will want to wait to add them until after the second boil so you can more easily "skim the scum" without taking your vegetables with it! 

Grandma Mildred would be proud of us for making our own broth from scratch!

Check out my short video above.

Happy cooking!

 XO Cassandra Lanning
The Renegade Esthetician