Episode 45: 7 Surrogates: A Heartbreaking Tale of Determination — Sherman Taylor

Sherman grew up in Ohio and enjoys a successful career as a chemical engineer. He and his husband longed to be parents. Unfortunately, they experienced more bumps in the road and more heartbreak than any hopeful parents should ever have to endure. Sherman is dedicated to giving back and is now the incoming chair for Men Having Babies, a non-profit dedicated to providing education and support to gay men wishing to become biological parents through surrogacy. 

Sherman chats with Ellen and Jenn about:  

  • When he and his husband decided they wanted to have kids and how his Google search led to surrogacy and learning about the many, MANY moving parts and parties involved.
  • His recommendations on what questions you should ask an agency BEFORE starting your surrogacy journey.
  • Their surrogacy journey with twins — conflicts that arose and how their agency was missing in action for conflict resolution.
  • How they found out about their daughter’s delivery…through a post on Facebook!
  • He and his husband’s tragic losses and the horrific details that followed.
  • Their attempt at 2 surrogates in tandem — and what the surrogates thought of this.
  • Surrogate attempts 4, 5, 6 and 7 (uh huh) independently.
  • The end result after all of the many surrogates, the happy tears and the sad tears.
  • What the Men Having Baby organization is and how he got involved. Really involved.

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