The Vaccine Debate Ends, Forever

Each drop of water can be seen as an individual person, though collectively, we come from the gene pool and we live our lives collectively interacting with each other. Water provides life, but it can also be deadly. You may be thinking about how water can drown, but my analogy is deeper: it's about drowning internally. Drinking a vast amount of water in one sitting dilutes the blood so dramatically that it can be life-threatening, but not enough water over a long-period of time dehydrates and destroys us also.  

No matter where a person falls on the Vaccine Spectrum of beliefs, the core problem we face as a society involves larger government entities in our modern age. Government and society itself needs to be thought of as a large body of water that the individual raindrops dwell within, but there are many more interwoven tributaries and rivers that intersect us: the vast number of Industries and the government agencies that work with them. Although the typical American believes we have 3 Pools of Government: the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch (Congress) and the Judicial Branch, they haven't thought deep enough about how Departments and Agencies do their business in the United States Government. If the general public awoke to this 4th Pool, the ABC Branch, they would realize how government fails its citizens. 

Strangely though, the ABC Branch that makes up the FCC, CDC, FDA, EPA and the many others agencies and departments are technically categorized under the Executive Branch, even though they control many patents, make money for their ABC entity, and are typically headed by past industrial leaders. Here is why the Executive Branch consists of The President of the United States and more than 5 Million employees. But anyone that took a basic Social Studies class in the 1980s may already realize the problem we have gotten ourselves into: The Executive Branch APPOINTS the heads and leaders inside of the ABC Branch. They are NON-ELECTED leaders that call the shots. This fact alone SIDE-STEPS The Power of The People because there are NO VOTES CAST for anyone inside of the ABC Branch. And because the world, issues, data and bureaucracy has grown so large, the Executive Branch (Congress) is often too overwhelmed and they rarely vote on issues that are well-controlled within the ABC Branch

Abraham Lincoln understood well that if corporations merged with government, The People would be done, over, kaput for individualism. If The State (or parts of it) owns and distributes industrial goods, it is known as socialism, communism or fascism. There is no other terminology more accurate to describe this fact. And in super-strangeness, the Judicial Branch has allowed the slow development of the ABC Branch to come alive over the past few decades without ever challenging the design alterations of newer structure of the United States of America. The chart below shows the funnel of Individual Freedoms spin down the drain into socialism, theocracy and fascism:

As time moves forward from here onward, government agencies progressively gain more power and work with industry hand-in-hand if The People cannot contain this leaking system. Some agencies, like the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), already works as a business entity and receives a good chunk of its funding from vaccine sales. But assuming a product is helpful to a society supported by government, one wouldn't think this would be a bad thing, right? If you haven't figured it out yet, look again at the chart above. 

But now, it's more than products being made to generating revenue for government agencies. What happens when a government product to consume against the Individual's desire to consume it? Forcing a product's use on the individuals in society is arguably unAmerican just like Obamacare was deemed unlawful as a forced mandate. Looking much farther into history,  the original Revolutionists revolted because taxation without representation by forming the United States by throwing out England's tea in Boston's harbor. 

So what happens to every raindrop when one gets absorbed and mandated to support the larger ocean of fascism... Is too much power given to the ocean so no clouds can be made, no mist can escape or no waves can hit the shore to live a life the way desired? Personal autonomy, freedom and the ability to choose is what is at stake with the Vaccine Issue, and about another few dozen issues coming soon to a government agency near you. In synergy, we have a moment when the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is opening up even more Electromagnetic Spectrum bands for radiating the public with wireless communications.  We see a very similar analogy with the EMF Issue, just like vaccines. Industrialists and those that serve them in government agencies figured out a large boost to their paychecks if they looks like they are helping society with their products and use the idea, "We are doing this for the greater good and we are trying to save people." 

We saw "let's save humanity" when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico and the Telecoms arrived within days saying how they'd help upgrade their infrastructure with wireless communications for "the greater good." This all sounds wonderful to those that have not taken much biology or biophysics. How in the heck could technology or vaccines harm more than they help? The lack of biological detail in the minds of the public is how and why these issues have been continually dismissed, while making any advocates that imply there could be a problem look to be half off their rockers. But is it really the fault of the naysayer to be thinking this way? How did a section of the public get to a place of believing Pro-Health is a bad position to take? Here is why:

However, the naysayer's position to mock a Pro-Health advocate is well-understood by the Pro-Health advocates that put their reputations and even their security on-the-line. In modern irony, the mainstream media backs the naysayers as Anti-Health advocates to dismiss what Public Health advocates convey and say, and practice Omission News to provide just a slice of the knowledge known to the masses that won't embarrass their real industrial sponsors and pushing one position more than giving a balanced point of view with greater unbiased positions that gives enough time to talk in-depth about an issue.  In other words, by eliminating debate class is the largest controller of minds. 

If you are a reader that now believes Myster Spock is writing sensationalism nonsense in this blog, think a little deeper before dismissing. Why would I tell you the entire design of the system and then try to convince you. I do not want to convince you of anything at all. I trust you will do your own deeper homework and seek knowledge on your own over longer periods of time, rather than trusting your propagandized marketing agents to convince you to look away. Yes, do not trust what you read even here, and yes, you should read between-the-lines and remain skeptical, but please to not dismiss. The feeling to DISMISS WHAT YOU READ is what they want you to do to keep the status-quo alive, so you don't need to do your own research to stay naive. 

The way we think is everything in coming to something we "call closer the truth" based on longer-term scientific observations and credible sources. Myster Spock's advice: Be very careful in our modern world where you absorb your sources and how they may have omitted information you may not be reading.  Myster Spock is writing unemotional, direct logic and messaging it so it's understood clearly and boldly. This is state of The State at this moment in time, and now is the time to awaken others. 

Hypothetically, we are 100% in charge of our lives, but our environmental exposures to toxins and the altered systems we have setup around us control how we can enact our freedoms (or not). I've added environmental toxins in this statement because our health is everything; crashing health controls individuals and this is in part why Public Health Advocates are so passionate. Biologists and many doctors understand that the root of how and why we age depends on the efficiency and health of our mitochondria. This is what the public misses entirely, even though the actual Theory of Aging is based on mitochondrial health status. However, many mainstream medical professionals only learn a slice of education and may not have understood the dire consequences of Reactive Oxygen Species and added Oxidative Stress to the mitochondrial chain. I.e., they miss how something as simple as a vaccine shot, a drug, chemical agent or a pulsed electromagnetic frequency could do harm to individual cells. Keep in mind we are made of 40+ trillion cells and within each cell, there are often hundreds to thousands of mitochondria in each cell that produce the energy for it to keep it alive. Because there is such a large and unlearned chunk of the population about the deeper areas in biology, epigenetics, cell cycles and timing mechanisms and how to destroy the homeostasis/balance of a cell for a flood of calcium into it due to cell membrane chaos and then permeability of abnormal and/or unexpected toxins, the damage usually goes unnoticed until a disease expresses itself.

Just as Pro-vaxxers need to be schooled in MSDS database (Material Safety Data Sheet Database) because they don't know any biological hazard rating, the Anti-vaxxers need to realize they are part of a political  pawn-game to be labeled as "anti-vaxx" so Federal agencies continue to win. It is going to take the well-educated moderates to speak sense and logic about the basics of anything a scientist creates in a laboratory, it's very clear if the sources for the products are dangerous or not. There is a massive MSDS  database for toxicity within anything we consume, but often people  forget that the method of consumption varies dramatically such as if the gut is buffering foods vs. something like an injection that gets no  buffering or timing about how it gets into the body. This fact alone has gone under the radar in groups for years and it's disturbing that the public is so unaware about basic chemistry and biology. 

Once the entire public wakes up to the massive synergy afoot and how Public Health has become meaningless because Industry and Government forces do not understand the biology I just described above. But if some know it, they are the equivalent of moral pond-scum. Our modern fascist system walks  all over the public daily with invisible agents that often take a larger toxic blast like an injection and/or along with the daily toxic soup, only then will  things actually change. 

To make matters worse for our modern Public Health issues, when the uneducated get the podium and continue to promote reductionistic with a 1s and 0s, cause:effect mentality, it doesn't really do any favors for Public Health or the complexity of our biology. Yes, sometimes in more rare situations, there is a real cause:effect damage potential that can result from anything we consume. That's also why food-poisoning exists just like vaccine injuries or deaths, just like Vioxx deaths, just like drinking too much water in one sitting. The state of the cells at the time of any ingestion matters as to the Redox balance and mitochondrial health in all parts of the body for potential damage. 

Right now, few doctors are actually testing for the Redox State in their patients before  administering anything into the body. Few doctors are consulting with Building Biologists to see if children are having their biology taxed  overtime. Few doctors are asking about the hydration or O2 status of  their patients before "an administered treatment." Folks, if you don't understand the last three sentences, you're a role model for Russian Roulette. If there were more protocols put in place by the medical profession in the first place, there would be at least less injury potential, but because the mainstream medical profession turns their noses at MSDSs within vaccine formulas and promote a religious-like belief that a vaccine could never be a large problem for health, we have a huge paradigm problem in the world of mechanistic reductionism that encourages magical belief systems over scientific ones. 

For these reasons, abandoning or putting aside conventional wisdumb will be the hardest challenge for the next decade. If the public cannot wake up in time, expect fascism to arrive in many areas outside of the Vaccine Issue. The People must start uniting, coming together and using logic and reason to help the most people in the world, and this is not done by coercive-collectivism, but respecting the rights of The Individual.

-Myster Spock

(Disclaimer for Internet Trolls or Dismissers: This article will never go away, as it is already backed up offline and on other servers. Attempting to remove this Blog will only result in more copies of it produced. I expect many NowTrolls and NowDismissers, after reading  the content of this blog enough times, will become future Pro-Health advocates. Then, I welcome you into our human family). 

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