Will rain be a problem for a second night at Richmond Raceway?

Rain was a problem Friday at Richmond Raceway, at least it threatened and delayed activities a few times. Many of you all week were asking Aaron and I, "I see lots of forecasts, what do you think?" First, I want to apologise for the lack of updates. I wanted to do more but I got sick last weekend and was miserable with a head cold most of the week. The other news in my personal life is I will be leaving my job in Idaho for something new, sadly I am not sure what that new job will be and the deadline to finding a new job is quickly approaching. Enough of the excuses, let's get you to the Richmond Raceway weather forecast.

Showers and t'storms will be a threat mostly in the morning for Richmond, and while I am not ruling out a few stray showers or storms leading up to the start of the Toyota Owners 400, I think the race is mostly dry. Temperatures upper 60s to near 70 I feel confident we are dry by Aaron and I will monitor. Maybe mostly Aaron (RaceWeather) as Saturday night is my 17th Wedding anniversary and the last prom for my twins who are seniors. Let's just enjoy the weekend and some racing. 

Odds of a complete race, 90 percent

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