Libra Full Blue Moon: A Ritual for Reclaiming Peace

About this full moon from the Doorway to Self blog:

"So last full [Libra] moon during the [spring] equinox, we took notice of our extremes, and we have been working since then to find the centre; to rid our lives of things and people and habits and limiting thoughts that have been kicking us into a wrong corner to crumple. This second full moon in Libra is the one to bring satisfaction; to affirm you in your new version of peace; to let you know that whatever work that you have been doing towards bringing the balance and peace into your life has paid off..." (Read the rest, here)

This ritual is about acknowledging all of the hard work that you have been doing, and allowing yourself to feel accomplished and deserving of rest. it is about feeling full, fulfilled, and filled with gratitude.

What You Need:

-Seeds from your favourite flower, herb, fruit, vegetable, or whatever you choose. If you participated in the last full moon in Libra ritual (last month), it could be a beautiful compliment to choose the seeds of the herb or flower that you worked with for the tea that you made

-Dirt (either outside if it is not too cold or in a little planter indoors)

-Optional: A place to view the moon

-Yourself (you may also choose to do this with your children if you are a parent, to help teach your children what it means to cultivate something, and the importance of silence)

The Ritual:

-Pour a few seeds into your hand. (You could do just one to keep it simple, a random number to beat the odds of growth, or a specific number like 2 to represent duality and balance, 3 to represent transformation and transition, 4 to represent balance and foundations, etc.)

-Sit comfortably or stand either outside in the moonlight, or inside by a window where you can see the moon (if it's cloudy, don't worry: the energy is still there and potent) and feel the moonlight washing over you and the seeds in your hand. Feel the balance between yourself and the moon; between the moon and the seed; between the seed and yourself. 

-In this moment, begin to reflect on the last month, and all of the things that have been illuminated for you in terms of what has been out of balance. Remember all the ways that you have coped; all of the ways that you have asserted people, systems, or situations that were not serving you; all of the ways in which you have instilled more balance and perhaps even peace into your life. As you begin to think about those things, feel the emotions of gratitude, pride, and accomplishment wash over your body, and into the seed(s) in your hand. The seed(s) represent the beginning of living the rest of your life this way. It is not a focus on the future, but rather a token to the present moment as it is fruitful and brings the promise of growth.

-Meditate as long as you would like, perhaps in silence, or chanting, or doing breath work with the seed(s) in your hand. Feel your heart alight to match the moon, and the seeds lighting up along with you. You are giving thanks to yourself, to the earth, and to the light that lands upon it. 

-When you are feeling ready, place your seed(s) about 1-3 inches under the surface of the dirt. You might also choose to allow the seed(s) to sit in the moonlight throughout the night, and plant it/them in the morning to follow. When placing your seed(s) in the dirt, set the intention that the peace and balance that you have cultivated already in the past month will continue to grow and keep you steady in all of your days to come. 

-Aftercare: Be sure to water the seed(s) every 2-5 days, and put it/them in a place where sunlight can reach it/them. You might also choose to sing to or talk to your seedling(s) as it/they grow. You are talking to an extension of yourself and of the earth, and of the sun and moon, and of the water and the air, in a way. We are all connected. It is what we do with that connection that counts.

Much love, happy planting, happy balancing, and happy moon gazing,

xx Rachel at D2S <3

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