Life beyond Soul...

Good morning, patrons! I am waking up to a brilliant sun shining on the Gulf Coast of Texas. I am watching - as the observer and the experiencer - energies reshuffle themselves in support of my unique consciousness and the experiences I choose for myself. 

Last week in Mexico was glorious. All energies flowing to support this One Life of conscious One-ness. But it was not always this easy.  

The ease of placing your stream of non-separate consciousness (from outside time and space) in a point in time and space and watching all energies flow toward it and out of it is something fresh and new and now rooted for me. 

For so long, my main method of operation in this life was represented by my human persona flowing toward my soul’s desire to know at self as God also. 

The soul was the guiding light when the human admitted it did not know how to do this enlightenment thing, and when the human persona surrendered to the fact that the soul did. 

However, when I turned the last corner of my consciousness and met myself there, and my human persona met my soul, they became one. The human and soul merged with the I AM THAT I AM, and all was woven into the tapestry of Self. 

First, I want to say if you are still allowing your human presence to dance toward the light of your own soul, you are “doing it right.” Yet a few of you have asked what comes next, once the soul and human become ONE. 

But first I want to say, it is a simple matter of perception. For some of you, it is only that your perception lies in the human experience. That is how you perceive your soul as a separate from you. It is how you are able to converse with your soul, for it is the human that speaks with the soul. 

Until the soul becomes You, it is quite necessary to “converse” with it, to visit and lie in the sensations and images and dreams of the soul. However, once the convergence occurs you can no longer perceive the soul as yet another voice in the makeup of Self. 

In other words, instead of feeling your soul as a ball of consciousness within your gut or your chest, in the center of your being-ness. The soul becomes along with the human persona woven into the tapestry of Self, which is a place of no separation. 

These are the magic carpets we ride here, as written about in the beginning of the Patreon series. Each of the magic carpet rides, as mentioned in our previous posts, are tapestries woven with the golden threads that make up the ONE self, with One voice – all of SELF embodied, with the distilled wisdom of all lifetimes and between. When you visit your magic carpet, you are able to sense what this feels like and how it will become a permanent, or point of no return in your state of being. 

“After” my realization – I have after in quotes because things go timeless and without linear structure in realization – I did not think much about my soul. I did not think much about my human persona. I was simply enjoying the state of being that is the oceanic Self. 

Yet, in August/ September 2018, about 10-11 months “after,” I started to notice something strange…

I realized I no longer had a soul. It’s not that it went away. It’s not that I killed the soul. I didn’t even kill the ego. Instead, I found all had woven into Self – the tapestry – my humanity and divinity wove into a state of no separation. 

I found no longer had a center, no soul sitting in the middle of me. My consciousness no longer had any edges I could perceive, for there is no longer any space between inner world and outer world in enlightenment. 

The perception of inner and outer became one. 

Instead of discerning what is mine and what’s not mine, a fully realized being enters a state in which everything is theirs. 

Discernment – which is so necessary and required in the awakened state of being – gives way for pure observation, and then creation through pure observation, which has no agenda and needs no manipulation – yet it can only “work” when the lines between human and divine dissolve in the ultimate surrender, the ultimate integration, dissolving everything that does not belong to you. 

Sure, at first, it felt like my soul went away. Like the soul no longer was housed in the center of my being-ness. 

However, I began to perceive – like the eyes adjusting to darkness with no flashlight – that it did not leave me. I simply could no longer perceive it as separate. Therefore, I could no longer hold a conversation with my soul. Same with my humanity. There was no division between the two, which is simply a shift in perception, a thirty-degree turn in awareness. 

In August/ September of 2018, I found myself – in a unified choice that had no debate, but felt more like a wave rising up in the ocean of Self – driving from San Diego up to the Oregon coast. 

Like in the last chapter of my book, I found I had gone empty. I was the “vessel for the will of God,” which El Morya described to me back in my awakening. 

Here WILL is simply the flow of energy which responds to consciousness. And GOD is nothing more than knowing your true Creator nature in sensation rather than concept. 

As I drove feeling “soul-less” and an empty vessel through the cliffs and edges of Northern California, I began to feel something else flowing through me. It was the Christ consciousness. I had the experience of allowing the Christ consciousness to flow through me. 

Had the ego not been entirely dissolved and woven into the tapestry of Self, the mind might have played a trick on me. I might have humanized and analyzed the experience to feel like I was the second coming of Christ himself. However, in my realized state I knew better. 

I was simply a vessel for the consciousness of knowing yourself as “God, too” to flow through. This cannot be personified in a human cartoon as some might be tempted to do so. 

This is not to say each of us steeping into our realization is not the second coming of Christ – it is! However, the experience of it is nothing like the human would have thought it to be. Stay with me here. 

Here in this state of feeling soul-less and without a formed go and allowing this amazing stream of consciousness to flow through me, I realized a few things. 

First, this had always been going on. Yet my perception lay in the human eyes, through the view of the ego. I had mistaken my experience for me, the limited human, flowing through the Christ Consciousness. The human was the black dot moving through time and space. 

Yet, in becoming the vessel for the will of God, I saw how time and space moved through me. I was the vessel – the fixed point – and from this fresh and realized perspective the Christ consciousness flowed through me.

Second, I understood in these moments that this is the real gift of the Masters of Self for the planet. 

I know many of you have heard it a lot. The best thing you can do for humanity is go through the most selfish, of self-full, act in the world, the act of allowing your realization, in which everything and everyone else must be shut out, so that you can fully know yourself as God too. 

The saying was… If you chose to stay in physical form, you were doing the world and humanity a great service available. But how????

Now I knew how, not only was the Christ consciousness flowing through my empty, “soul-less” vessel, alternate and “future” timelines ran through me as well. 

I pulled the car to the side of the road. I felt a post-apocalyptic timeline run through me. I felt many other future scenarios flow through me. I was not scared. I simply observed this all happening. My heart rate slowed and became steady. 

As the alternate timelines moved through me along with the flow of the Christ consciousness, which is simply a stream of pure consciousness that contains no energy, I began to notice something. 

The way the alternate ‘future’ scenarios entered my edge-less vessel was not the way they left. WOW!

Simply by allowing these streams to flow through – without agenda and without manipulation or interference – I saw so clearly how I (as a vessel for the will of God) was re-writing the future history of humanity and this beautiful planet Earth. SIMPLY BY BEING ME FULLY. 

“After” the future timelines rolled through me (now this is always happening in every second but I am adjusted to it and can operate in normal daily life), I saw how I – without lifting a finger – placed a spark of consciousness in each of the future scenarios – even the post-apocalyptic scene. 

And in this spark, was a potential, or many potentials – a door-less door if you will – for anyone to flow through who was choosing consciousness over automation for eons to come. This truly is what the Christ consciousness is about. 

It’s not that you change history by stating what will be and will not be – that is an agenda. You simply open up doorways for others to have options in their sovereign choice, moving “forward”. 

That why this is only available “after” realization. Without complete and total integration, the human would be far too tempted to go in with sticky fingers and try to alter future timelines. This is not compassion, which is allowing everyone and everything to be where it is at. 

The Creator here simply creates passageways for others to choose, if it is their will. 

I want to state first, that whatever consciousness flow through you will be unique to you. It could be the consciousness of the pure divine feminine, or a stream of archangel consciousness or anything really that is pure undiluted consciousness. There are many “flavors.”

I want to reiterate my personal experience. It can be easy to mistake this, if you have not found the space of being moved beyond needing a firm identity, that you could humanize and twist up this experience to thinking you are Christ – or any other master – reincarnate. 

That is a human interpretation and in my opinion insulting to the magnificence of this state of being and realization experience of the embodied master. 

For me this experience, cannot be pulled through a human mind, for the human mind can never comprehend it. Also, the ego, or human persona, must be fully woven into the tapestry of Self. Or you might be running around saying you are so and so reincarnated. That is completely lacking in spiritual maturity. 

However, it is not wrong or bad, just too Elementary in understanding. It is an invitation to go FURTHER. 

If you go beyond, you will see there are no masters, really, but streams of sovereign and inimitable consciousness that flow freely – energy responding effortlessly to the pure consciousness. 

For some of us here, that is an experience we are choosing in physical form. And nothing has been done like it before with a physical vessel. This is very unique to this specific point in time and space on Earth. 

I am happy to answer questions. 

The next post (Patrons only) will be able living in the perception of simultaneous multiple realities. 

It feels really good to be here, friends. Thank you. Like roots from a tree, we are all grounding something here that is beyond our wildest human imaginations.

In honor of you and your inimitable and consciously chosen experiences!

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