Sneak Peak from the Wild Horse Course series "Building Trust through Fear" featuring Rehab Mustang, Rainbow

This video is a little sneak peak, clip from day #2 of our 3 day Clinic/Retreat with new Rehab Mustang 'Rainbow'

Over the next few weeks, I will be uploaded ALL footage from these interactions with Rainbow. This full series titled "Building TRUST through FEAR" will be uploaded to Tier 3 (and any higher tier has access) which is The Wild Horse Course Tier :-)

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A little backstory on this Mustang 'Rainbow'

Rainbow has a deep, pre-existing fear of ropes and pressure and if she feels trapped or even touched by a rope on her legs in any way - she EXPLODES Violently. * We actually had this happen by accident after the retreat ended - I will share the story later - but it was amazing to have such a tramatic experience occur for Rainbow (thankfully no physical harm done) and then to see that she could still Trust me the next morning, to follow me on this trailer at Liberty and then stand calmly in the trailer for me to close the door so I could bring her HOME to the sanctuary.

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