Runes of Bloodborne, a new podcast series with Sin and JSF

Hi everyone :)

Richie and I started recording a new podcast series about Runes. 

Episode 1: Hunter Rune (47m)

Episode 2: Corruption Rune (45m)

Episode 3: Impurity Rune (50m) (aka Drunken podcast that Richie doesn't think should be released to the public )

Runes Outline: The Outline (12m)

Episode 4: Radiance Rune (25m)

Episode 5: Beast Runes

Episode 6: Clawmark (32m)

Episode 7: Moon Rune (45m)

Episode 8: Metamorphosis (57m)

Episode 9: Heir (13m)

Episode 10: Blood Rapture (32m)

Episode 11: Communion Rune (29m)

Episode 12: Deep Sea (32m)

Hope you like them!

PS. Some of these will be available on the youtube channel, but most of these episodes will only be available on Patreon.

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