Announcing: TN's Indie Impressions

So I am going to make it official here.  Demo-Lition was a good idea, and I am still going to use the concept of it, but I am expanding the idea into my new show "TN's Indie Impressions".  The older Demo-Lition episodes will stay on my Youtube Channel, obviously, but starting with the episode I talk about below, All Indie Impressions vids will be numbered and put into their own playlist.

This show will focus on Indie games (IE anything that could be called AA or lower, such as Stardew Valley, Elex, Forager, Dead Cells, ect) giving you my first impressions.  The basic idea of each episode will be as follows:

1.  I play the game for at least 2 hours, if not more.  The reason for the 2 hour minimum has to do with Steam and its refund policy. For those unaware, on Steam if you play a game for 2 hours OR LESS you can refund it for any reason you want, no questions asked.  And when I thought about it, I generally know if I like a game or not within 2 hours.  In the case of Demos, its 2 hours minimum OR till the end of the Demo (cause stuff like the Jack Move demo, which only took me 30ish minutes, do exist)

2.  The games I play can be either Demos, Early Access, or Full Releases.  As long as it qualifies as an Indie title.  So you won't see me doing videos on Jedi the Fallen Order or Borderlands 3.

3.  I will not play any game I already played PRIOR to this for the show.  So Stardew Valley, Grim Dawn, Rogue Legacy, Darkest Dungeon and others are out.  I am focusing on stuff that would literally be a first impression for me

4.  I may do a full review of the game, depending on how I feel about it.  I will generally decide after I play the game, and announce that intent during the Impressions vid.

5.  I am going to aim for an episode every 2 weeks, possibly more often.  This gives me time to play the game, put the video together, and also not cut into my regular reviews or streams.

The general style is going to be voiceover with gameplay playing in the background.  I am going to record the gameplay and audio separately, so I don’t have to split my focus between the two.  These will not be as in depth as my regular reviews and be more "Stream of consciousness" styled stuff.  In general I will go over what I liked and disliked, if I feel the full game is worth purchasing based on my impressions (or if its a demo, if I feel its worth watching), and how long I spent with the game as well.

Now, fun stuff!  I already have the first game played and I will be recording the episode and uploading it for my Patrons this weekend!  The game is Forager, which releases today at 1pm EST on Steam.  After that, I am looking at an indie RPG Shoot em Up thing called Nova Drift, which was sent to me a few weeks ago at random by the devs (they literally just emailed me a key outta the blue it was kinda weird).

This new show is what I hope a new venture into a more untouched field.  Lots of people will cover the big name titles.  We all know that once Jedi Fallen order, Borderlands 3, Cyberpunk 2077, The Outer Worlds, and more release that coverage will be all encompassing.  But a lot of smaller titles and devs will get ignored.  I hope to shift into the indie game world and more niche titles most because, well, I think these folks work hard to bring interesting games to mix.  They will still be either RPG styled games or Narrative driven games.  I have no desire nor interest to play Battle Royale games or Gatcha games or so on.  I may still do full reviews of bigger titles like Cyberpunk and The Outer Worlds, don't get me wrong, but I will not be trying to cover those titles at release either.

This indie focus will also translate into my Tabletop stuff as I do those.  Also, quick note, any tabletop stuff from this point forward WILL be written.  My videos and streams will be focused on video games.  Also, as I said before this, all Streams will not ONLY be Stream Supporter OR Stream Sponsor chosen games.  The only time this will be different is if I decide I need a break and wanna play something off kilter, like the Grim Dawn and Path of Exile streams I have done randomly.

Also I hope to get more interviews with Indie Devs, especially of the games I personally play for this new show.  Most of those interviews WILL be written, much like the one I did for She Dreams Elsewhere.  Point of fact, Patrons you will be getting a review with the developer of the Sci Fi FPS RPG "Within the Cosmos" which releases on May 31st TOMORROW (Friday) as I got that back.  That by the way will definitely be a "Indie Impressions" game once it’s out and POSSIBLY a review.  Apparently its only 7-10 hours long.

So to sum up this announcement and update:

·  We got a new show called Indie Impressions, quick first impressions of non Triple A games with episodes coming hopefully every 2 weeks if not more often.

·  All Tabletop RPG stuff will be written (reviews, articles, ect).

·  All Streams will be Stream Supporter Games (the Games Club) OR Stream Sponsor Games (save for rare occasions)

·  Hopefully more text interviews with the Devs of these Indie games, and maybe more interviews with prominent other folx out there a la my Mercer Interview.

Thanks to each of you who support me every month in all this stuff.  I have been trying to find a good balance of giving you all what you want while also doing things that I enjoy, and I think this might be a good balance.  This gives people written stuff, videos, streams, and covering a wide range of games and topics, while also keeping my ADHD brain bouncing around and engaged.  It also helps give coverage and feedback to folks who might be overlooked at times by a wider audience.

One day perhaps I will get big enough that I can do this as my day job, and that will mean you all get freaking FLOODED with content.  Seriously.  If I could do this every day?  I would absolutely be a MACHINE of GAMING bringing you FRESH NEW stuff on the daily.  It would be GLORIOUS!  Well I think it would be glorious >.>

Oh and if you got an indie game you think I should look at leave a comment below or email me at[email protected] or tell your dev friends.  I am open to suggestions. There are a crap ton of indie games out there ya know.

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