The Otherknown 4th birthday art!

Hi everyone!! Sooo Otherknown's birthday was actually yesterday, April 18th (also my dog Rhett's fourth birthday too! Total coincidence), but here is the lil piece of art I drew for it - a D&D AU:

CHANDRA -- dwarf bard-tificer (a class of her own making). Half artificer, half bard, she sings songs, tells jokes and builds robots!

REED -- dragonborn warrior

AJA -- elf sorcerer

DEMECK -- tiefling rogue

MURIEL -- gnome cleric

JUDD -- halfling paladin

HANNAH -- half-elf ranger

CHENU -- human warlock

EKO -- human druid

in the course of drawing this my mind crafted many ~scenarios~ and now I kinda want to draw some goofy comics... if I do, they might be just for you guys!

here's the sketch:

lots of DPS in this party, I hope their dm works around that :P There's actually another character intro'ed later who would definitely be the half-orc tank, but you don't know who they are so I'm not allowed to draw them yet

Thank you very much for your support and enabling me to keep doing this comic, which I love! The last page of chapter 4 goes up tomorrow!

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